Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Look Back at the Bishop Williamson Affair

A very interesting article (March 18, 2009) has been featured by the British newspaper, The Catholic Herald, written by Cardinal Paul Cordes and translated from the German by Anna Arco. In his article, Cardinal Cordes takes "A look back at the Bishop Williamson affair" especially in light of the German media, political and religious reaction to the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops.

The Cardinal takes the media to task:

"Whoever experienced the vehemence of the reaction with which especially the German media and many Church leaders there responded to the lifting of the excommunications of the four Lefebvrist bishops from the vantage point of Rome found themselves confoundedly rubbing their eyes. For weeks, there were daily essays in the leading newspapers, press statements, televised news programmes and talkshows on the subject. On February 11, even DW-TV [Germany's international broadcaster] showed its interest in the topic with a report on "Old Catholics", encouraging the "Romans" to affiliate themselves with them.

Representatives of the Catholic Church used the opportunity to raise their profile. Evidently the criticism of the Pope was carefully formulated, and the regret at the behaviour of his colleagues in the Curia was emphatic.

On the other hand, clarifications and interpretations made by bishops in the spirit of communion with the Successor of St Peter were virtually ignored in editorial offices. The public reprimand which the German Chancellor delivered to the Successor of St Peter gave the journalistic court of justice a new opportunity for agitation."

Cordes notes that it was thought that Pope Benedict himself was the target of the media because he was German; but the Cardinal believes otherwise. The Office of Pope was the actual target, as it has been in other eras in our past.

What struck me in this article was a little sidelight concerning the "reality of God"... This quote is one you might also wish to comment on:

"A fundamental threat to the Church also lies in the growing blindness to the reality of God. "

I believe this is true. How can this blindness be reversed?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Tough Words by Bishop Fellay

Williamson Apology 'A Step in Right Direction'

The March 2, 2009 issue of
Spiegel Online International contains a new interview by Bishop Fellay concerning his fellow SSPX bishop, Richard Williamson. He readily acknowledges that Bishop Williamson has caused the Society a great deal of trouble. Despite the usual antagonism of Spiegel on this issue, you will find quite a few new facts that I haven't read in other press.

For instance:

"SPIEGEL: Will he return to his full duties?

Fellay: That is impossible under the current circumstances. He has damaged us and hurt our reputation. We have very clearly distanced ourselves. He was not ordained as a bishop for his own personal purpose but for the common good of the church, to spread the revealed truth.

SPIEGEL: So why don't you exclude Williamson from the society?

Fellay: That will happen if he denies the Holocaust again. It is probably better for everyone if he stays quiet and stays in a corner somewhere. I want him to disappear from the public eye for a good while."

The interview was conducted by Stefan Winter. To read the entire interview, look HERE.