Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcoming the Anglicans

There has been lots of discussion (both pro and con) about the recent Vatican announcement that an Apostolic Constitution has been created to assist traditional Anglicans in being received into full communion with the Catholic Church.

What are your thoughts about any potential problems that have to be resolved or that will be created in the future because of this outreach to the Anglican Christians?

Will this potential influx of Anglicans have any effect on the Anglican-use parishes who are under a local Catholic bishop in the areas these parishes are located?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Richmond Voiceless?

A blogger today suggested that we should rename this blog "Richmond Voiceless"... since we have heard no more from Catherine Combier-Donovan. The last several days I have thought about emailing her. I realize that a blog is easily forgotten when one has hands-on work to do in the office and elsewhere.

A major concern for me is that this blog remain relevant. People get tired of checking a blog that appears dead. I don't want this one to go the way of the others...

I simply ask that you have mercy on me also. In addition to this blog, I am writing 3 others plus a website; plus work.

I will email Ms Combier-Donovan this afternoon and invite her to continue our dialogue. In the meantime, if anyone has a subject that they would like to discuss here on this blog (preferably concerning the Diocese of Richmond), let me know...