Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday Obligation - Re Msgr. Muench's article

Anonymous has requested the following:

How about a discussion of Msgr. Muench's article on Sunday Obligation?

I know there is not universal agreement on whether SSPX masses fulfill the obligation. Although he seemed to indicate that there was.

It is a sad day when the only way the diocese can keep people in it's parishes is by telling them its "obligatory".


Could you provide a link to this article?

Question about First Communion and the wearing of gloves

Anonymous asked this question:

Are first communicants (or anyone for that matter)in the Richmond Diocese allowed allowed to wear gloves when they go up to receive communion IF THEY ARE RECEIVING ON THE TONGUE?. Isn't telling first communicants that they can not wear gloves the same as telling them that they have to take communion in the hand (since it seems that is the only reason for such a policy). Does the diocese treat BOTH ways of receiving EQUALLY? Or are the instructors/leaders allowed to pass off their own personal preferences as diocesan practice/local culture? What are the specific directions that the diocese gives to parishes regarding this aspect of training that his given to first communicants?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Snooz fest!

That's what a disgruntled reader/poster just called this blog! Absolutely! It HAS been a snooze fest this last month or so. Been way off my stride with several other blogs to caretake...

How about some suggestions for topics from you guys and gals... Maybe we can get a conversation going...

I'd love to see the blog more active but as I peruse the Catholic Virginian, I don't see very much to comment on. I could use some help here...