Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The EF at the National Shrine in DC

You surely will not want to miss NCR's take on the Liturgy at the National Shrine! Along with loads of comments that will raise the hackles of both traditionalists and progressives! Here it is:

DC liturgy: cappa magna, glorious music, Latin glitches

The analysis is by Jerry Filteau.

Technology and the Vatican

The National Catholic Reporter had an interesting article that is worth checking out. The title is - Technology undermining Church structures and it is a blog article written by Tom C. Fox.

It tells me that the Vatican needs to become better at communication in the 21st Century. I think even our traditionalist readers can agree on that...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clericalism and the Liturgy

The National Catholic Reporter has an excellent article in its April 5th issue about the new clericalism that is rising in the Church. I agree with this article. It really expresses where I stand in the Church. I feel certain most of you do not stand with me... So, you might wish to comment.

Here is the article:
Clericalism and the Liturgy by Fr. Paul Philibert, a Dominican friar, lecturer and writer from Raleigh, NC.