Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roman Catholic Womenpriests want their excommunication lifted as well...

This press release comes on the heels of the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops. I'm not surprised that this group would ask for the same treatment and concern as the SSPX received. Please be kind with your comments...


Jan. 28, 2009
From Roman Catholic Womenpriests

CONTACTS:Bridget Mary Meehan: 941-955-2313 (703) 505-0004(cell), 703-671-6712

Roman Catholic Womenpriests call on Pope Benedict to lift the decree of automatic excommunication issued on May 29, 2008 against all in our movement as a gesture of reconciliation and justice toward women in the church. As is well known, the Congregation for Bishops, instructed by the Pope, removed the excommunication of four traditionist bishops on Jan. 21, 2009. Therefore, Roman Catholic Womenpriests call on the Pope to lift the decree of excommunication against us. This gesture will be a step away from the institutional church’s treatment of women as second-class citizens. We stand firmly in the tradition of Vatican ll which declares:

"Any kind of social or cultural discrimination in basic personal rights on the grounds of sex, race, color, social conditions, language or religion, must be curbed and eradicated as incompatible with God's design." Gaudium et Spes, art. 29, 2

No priest pedophiles have been excommunicated. No bishops who were responsible for their continued placement in parishes after their pedophile history was known have been excommunicated.

Theologians who teach and support Vatican II teachings and who support women's ordination are silenced and/or excommunicated.

Women ordained as priests are excommunicated.

Priests and laity who support women priests are excommunicated. But, Priests who reject Vatican II and who deny the holocaust and who openly deny the full equality of women are "rehabilitated" after earlier excommunication?

What's wrong with this picture?

This website was created and is maintained by RCWP-USA, Inc., a California 501©3 non-profit corporation, as an educational and information service to the public. RCWP-USA promotes and supports the ordination of women and men in renewed priestly ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. This website provides information about RCWP worldwide, with special focus on RCWP in North America. Every ministry convened by a Roman Catholic Woman Priest operates separately and independently from the RCWP-USA, Inc. non-profit.

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Timothy said...

Um, I thought the RCWP "reject the penalty of excommunication issued by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith on May 29, 2008 ". Logic would seem to dictate that there is noexcommunication , therefore there is no excommunication to lift.

Are RCWP now ackowledging that they are excommunicated and wanting the excommunication removed?

Also in lifting the excommunication, there were requirements placed on the penitents. Are RCWP ready to renounce their "priesthood" and do penance? What does RCWP offer as part of the process?

God bless... +Timothy

Morgaan Sinclair said...

Timothy ...

Asking women to do penance in this situation is like asking slaves to do penance for their slavery and demanding to know what "slaves" will "offer" as part of the process when the fault is WHOLLY on one side.

Your post is shocking in its barbarity and belies a complete ignorance of early Church culture and complete disregard for human rights and spiritual values.

Stu said...

This only demonstrates further how the would-be priestesses/priestettes are ignorant of the Church that they arrogantly demand changes for them.

But if they can convince the Vicar of Christ that they have acted in a situation of necessity as covered by Canon Law then perhaps they may have their excommunications lifted.

To be clear, the Church doesn't excommunicate one for being criminal (ephebofile priests) or having a bad grasp of history (denying gas chambers were used in the Holocaust or asserted erroneously that the Church had priestesses). She does so for stubborn errors in faith or outright disobedience.

If they really want to be priestettes, join the Episcopal Church and take their make-believe elsewhere.

Mark said...

Pope John Paul II authoritatively repeated that the Church has no authority to ordain woman. This case is closed.

The push to ordain women does have some interesting implications. Supposing that sex is declared irrelevant for the sacrament of the Holy Orders, what arguments can be offered that nevertheless, it must remain relevant for the sacrament of marriage? Logically, this case cannot be made - if anyone wants to try to make it, I would like to read it.

Following this domino effect, the Church, after declaring that sex is irrelevant for the sacrament of marriage as well, would eventually bless all kinds of unions, including polygamous and polyamorous, as well as same sex. Are we ready for this brave new world, where children will no longer know who their parents are, and may become property of the state? Are women ready to become wife #3 (bedroom duties), or wife #5 (kitchen duties), or wife #7 (babysitter duties) in some loose arrangement headed by an alpha male? I think something like this already exists in Texas...

standing maryanna said...

Stu used the terms, "would-be priestesses/priestettes"...

It sounds like you are trying to place all these women under the New Age umbrella. I don't think that will do for most of them.

They call themselves womenpriests. Let's at least give them the dignity of their own term for themselves.

Stu said...

standing maryanna said... They call themselves womenpriests. Let's at least give them the dignity of their own term for themselves.

And in return, they can stop calling themselves "Catholic." When that happens, I will be happy to refer to them however they wish as I would an "Anglican priest", etc (with modifier).

There is only one type of real priest as defined by the Magisterium. Accordingly, I will only use that term when it is applicable and with these women it is not.

Mark said...

Standing Maryanna:

Outside of their cultish circle, no authentic Catholic takes these "wymnpriests" seriously, or devotes much thought to them. They pop up on Catholic blogs (like wdtprs) every now and then, and then disappear for a long time.

They're also excommunicated, by the way.

standing maryanna said...

Mark said: "Outside of their cultish circle, no authentic Catholic takes these "wymnpriests" seriously"

"wymnpriests"... that's as degrading as "priestesses /priestettes"...

I consider myself an authentic Catholic but I can also feel sympathy for these women. Notice they wish to remain Catholic. They do not wish to go the Anglican priesthood route.

I believe the Holy Spirit plants the seed in many places, among many and women. Some people have to suffer greatly trying to respond to the call especially when it appears that the call may never be realized...

Stu said...

standing maryanna said...
Notice they wish to remain Catholic.

So did Luther. Still, he was a heretic.

Just because someone "feels" they are called to be a priestess, doesn't make it so.

Mark said...

Standing Maryanna:

Again: Pope John Paul II authoritatively repeated that the Church has no authority to ordain women. This case is closed.

I can feel sympathy for these women if they are misguided souls who just happen to oppose Church teachings out of ignorance.

However, many strike me as ideological and uncompromising in their ultra liberal "crusade". They are not Catholic. They oppose Church teachings, and they seem to know why they are doing it.


You set up a very unsavory proposition that the Holy Spirit "plants the seed" in these women, yet you ignore a clear and authoritative statement recently made by Pope JPII on this very subject. As if his statement was not guided by the same Holy Spirit, but these women are. You unwittingly set up Holy Spirit against Holy Spirit. Please rethink your misguided position.