Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bishop DiLorenzo: 5th Anniversary in Richmond

In the recent issue of The Catholic Virginian, you will find an article, Bishop's vision: to teach, govern and sanctify that compliments Bishop DiLorenzo on his 5th Anniversary as Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond. This issue also includes a Chronology of the first five years of his administration. Needless to say, there is nothing but positive accomplishments listed in the articles.

Even though these positive accomplishments are impressive, I feel certain that there were some rumbles from readers who felt that those five years also contained experiences that caused hurt and disappointment to persons in this diocese, especially since the styles of Bishops Sullivan and DiLorenzo are so different.

However, I would like to congratulate Bishop DiLorenzo on his 5th anniversary as our bishop and to wish for the future that his vision of teaching, governing and sanctifying our Catholic people will reach its fulfillment.


Anonymous said...

Bishop DiLorenzo is a blessing to our Diocese. There has been such a spiritual revival across the diocese since he came here. I have never known such a humble, holy and pious man. His zeal and devotion for the Holy Faith and Holy Liturgy will serve as a model for all the bishops and priests of the world for years to come. God Bless.

Robert Dibdale said...

Bishop DiLorenzo has done much good since arriving in Richmond and only he and his insiders know the full extent of the problem he faced when he arrived here. My guess is much more has been done to clean up the diocese behind the scenes than most of us realize.

To the "people in the pews" however, reform & authentic renewal seems to have slowed down. Many of those who hoped for a return to discipline in the diocese with his arrival have become discouraged.

The Catholic Charities abortion scandal was most unfortunate and may serve to indicate that it was a mistake to keep so many lay leaders in the diocese from the Sullivan era.

Liturgical discipline is still a significant problem in our diocese and remains a source of heartache and scandal in many parishes and probably for a few holy priests.