Thursday, December 10, 2009

Examples of the changes in the new edition of the Roman Missal

If you haven't already investigated the website discussing the new Roman Missal, take a look here.

Don't miss this section: Examples of the Priest's Parts, as well as the Congregation's Parts. It's very well done and worth a look.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the way the new way sounds. Why can't we just keep it the way it is? Besides, we don't even have any music with the new words. What are all our faith communities going to sing? I've never been to a spoken Mass; I don't even think I could say the parts of the Mass. We always sing everything. Will our current songs be exempt from this new translation?

hm... said...

Bishop DiLorenzo has dismantled Sowers of Justice in the Hampton Roads area and moved the Office of Justice and Peace from the Richmond Diocese to the Virginia Chapter of Catholic Charities.

The ones left out in the cold are now trying to create niches for themselves in Virginia Beach parishes. What gives?

Anonymous said...

are they in favor of communal liturgy or against it?

hm... said...

"communal liturgy" is a new one for me.

Liturgical dancing: yes

Nicene creed: drop it if you can (Holy Family parish ignored it during Quinlan). We had forgotten how to recite it. We all were ashamed when the new pastor came and handed out sheets so we would be able to recite recite it.

Authors: Hebrew and Christian scriptures are out; Michael Morwood (Is Jesus God?), Richard Rohr (Male-only retreats), Creation Spirituality, Jim Wallis, Woman ordination,etc. are in.

Singing part of the Mass? Say what?

standing maryanna said...

anonymous, what do you mean by a "communal liturgy?"

Why would the Bishop dismantle the Sowers of Justice in Hampton Roads? Aren't there groups of Sowers in Richmond parishes too?

Elements of the Office of Justice and Peace (such as Haiti ministries) have been placed under Catholic Charities because the bishop is trying to trim the budget (as far as I can figure).

Anonymous said...

you cannot express praise, thanksgiving or supplications without the community. the new mass that the vatican is shoving down Our throats makes Us say "i" instead of "We". if We cannot focus on the community, then there is no liturgy. remember, jesus said "where TWO OR MORE are GATHERED...." i refuse to accept this new missal. i believe in vatican TWO. there will be no eucharist in this new mass because it stifles community making individual worship trump communal worship. community is eucharist just as eucharist is community. it's a package deal. i will continue to say "WE believe" even if everyone goes along with the vatican's anti-conciliar stance. i don't care what anybody thinks. i've already spoken with my pastor about this and he has calmed my nerves some by assuring me that these are only suggestions and that none of us has to follow it if it goes against our conscience. i hope others will join us in our efforts to stop this unliturgical nonsense.
WE Celebrate! WE Believe!

Mark said...

I think that the new English translation of the Ordinary Form of the Mass brings back much of the richness of language and meaning that is present in the Extraordinary Form. It anchors the Ordinary Form, so to speak, to a fixed, tried and true, reference point.

One of the benefits of this new translation will be a clarification of the sacrificing role of the priest. I believe that this necessary clarification will be received with gratitude by the new generation of our priests. The laity, after having learned this new translation, should likewise find this new richness ennobling.

Any opposition, I think, will come primarily from those who view the Ordinary Form as their field for experimentation. One hopes that they too will eventually reconcile themselves to the fact that the post Vatican Two era is ending, and embrace the fullness of our Tradition.