Monday, September 13, 2010

"Fraternity of the disgraced keeps growing"

John Allen, senior correspondent of the National Catholic Reporter has written an interesting article about the Catholic prelates who have become members of the "fraternity of the disgraced." Please don't miss his analysis of this issue. Read here: "Fraternity of the disgraced keeps growing."

The paragraph that stopped me in my tracks was this one:

"Perhaps the most explosive question is whether that fraternity will eventually include the two popes whose reigns coincide with the sexual abuse crisis, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Probably neither pontiff's reputation will be helped, though defenders of both men also have cases to make."

No matter what you think about either of these popes, including them on the list would be as surprising to me as the accusations against Pius XII regarding his lack of action against the Nazis during WWII.


Anonymous said...

in the meantime, bigfoot is doing what he does best - counting his toes. known him forever.

Anonymous said...

Does Bigfoot even exist anymore? Haven't heard a peep from him.You would think with the changes occuring in the Roman Missal something would be said. What gives?

Mark said...

Rather than making sophomoric comments about our Bishop, why don't you write a letter to the Catholic Virginian, and respectfully present your case?

I'm sure that if asked, our Bishop would be more than willing to increase the level of communication with his flock via his own publication.

Anonymous said...

been there. done that. he just stomps on you. if he doesn't like you, he kicks you off church property. he's only good at counting his toes.

Mark said...

Well, why don't you ask (respectfully) via the Catholic Virginian again, and then we'll all see what kind of response your request gets.

Anonymous said...

Does this blog ever get updated? What a snooze - fest.