Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Condom use among (male) prostitutes... and others

The lesser of two evils? What about couples where one has HIV/AIDS and the other not? Can condom use be "responsible sex"? Will the Pope's remarks eventually open the door for contraceptive use in "other limited cases"?


Anonymous said...

I have always thought that there was a true moral difference between barrier methods and possible abortifacients like the pill that might make the use of condoms acceptable in some situations.

Katie Beaumont said...

Obviously the teachings of the Church consider the use of artificial contraceptives as gravely sinful. This has not changed. However, it would be foolish and ignorant of Catholics to not recognize that some people sin, IN SPITE OF the Holy Teachings of our Church (e.g. a husband cheating on his wife). And if this sinful behavior potentially places other innocent people at risk(i.e. his faithful wife), then who would dispute the fact that an obstinant sinner who refuses to repent and ammend his life (AT LEAST taking into consideration the lives of others), might wear a condom to AT LEAST decrease the chances of contracting a life-threatening virus. As the Pope has indicated, this would at least be movement or step towards a moral conscience in light of the intention to protect human life. It's not a justification of sin; it's taking into consideration the lives of others when a non-repentant sinner refuses to convert.

Anonymous said...

We have a new diocesan liturgist. Does anybody know if he is on board with Benedict's reform of the reform? Or are we just going to get more of the same old folksy liturgical minimalism while our brethren in the diocese north of us get to enjoy the treasures of the we still get mostly pianos, amateur guitarists, flutists, drummers and ABSOLUTELY NO GREGORIAN CHANT!