Sunday, October 19, 2008

Filling the Void

Okay, I've changed my mind!

Despite the fact that I already take care of two blogs, I decided that it's very important to set up a Catholic blog about religious and spiritual issues; and to make it available to the People of God in the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia. So here it is!

This blog will be what you folks make it. I am asking the Richmond Catholic blogging community to send me articles about things you are concerned about. I will place those articles on the blog under your blogging name. Email articles to me at

I will not allow name calling or uncharitable articles to be posted on this blog either. Those previous Richmond Catholic blogs died because of the unacceptable comments that destroyed any possiblilty of a reasonable discussion. I reserve the right to delete anything that violates these norms. I have reconsidered the use of anonymous comments and will allow them; though I hope you will use a blogging name so that your comments can be replied to more easily.

That having been said, I would like this blog to serve both progressive, moderate and traditional Catholics. I am very open to all types of religious subject matter. Just because I am a progressive Catholic, doesn't mean that I am not interested in all aspects of our common Faith. Just remember, keep your articles to a reasonable length. Most people give up on long involved articles (like this one)!

If you wish to post an article and don't want to use your real name, get a gmail account that you will only use for this blog. If you post an article from some Catholic or secular source, please give the source so I can reference it.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. That's all for right now...

I hope this effort will be welcomed by the Richmond Catholic Blogging Community.

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