Friday, October 24, 2008

Vatican Suspends Indian Bishop ~ CNS

Vatican suspends Indian bishop after he adopts young woman

TRIVANDRUM, India (CNS) -- The Vatican suspended Bishop John Thattumkal of Cochin Oct. 23 amid controversy over his adoption of a 26-year-old woman as his daughter. In its statement, the Vatican also ordered a probe into the adoption controversy, asking Archbishop Daniel Acharuparambil of Verapoly to set up a three-bishop committee to conduct the inquiry...

...Father Stephen Alathara, spokesman for the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council, said the inquiry might take a few years. Kerala is a state in southern India. "The communique says a final decision would be taken only after the inquiry report is submitted and till then (Bishop Thattumkal) remains suspended," he said, adding that the bishop will have no administrative or religious responsibilities.

Oct-24-2008 By
Catholic News Service

Why can't a bishop adopt? Do you remember some years back, Fr. George Clements, a priest in Chicago, adopted two young boys and raised them? Wasn't he the same priest who began the One Church, One Child project?

Was it because the adopted person was a young woman? Was it an inappropriate action in a country like India?

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