Friday, February 18, 2011

CEOs rather than Priests

Under another topic, Anonymous made this interesting observation:

"The clergy is now riddled with many men who are more CEO then priests."

How could this happen? What is it about the priesthood nowadays that would draw CEO-type people rather than those with a more spiritual vocation?


Anonymous said...

For the most part, parish-life is more about going about business as usual. Parish leaders and priests from parish to parish are the same, talk the same jargon (passionate or not about it) and only offer snarky comments to people who give them icky-traditional-creepy-feelings. It's more about going through the motions rather than the quality of spirituality that should be developed. For example, rather than develop BOTH a deeper devotion to the Holy Eucharist AND service to those in's an EITHER-OR mentality. It can't be both. EVEN if they pay lip-service to whatever it is that needs it. If this isn't true, then take one small example of this way of doing business: same "contemporary" songs EVERY MASS, EVERY WEEK. Same lack of participation EVERY MASS, EVERY WEEK. SAME number of people leaving before the final blessing or before the final hymn is sung. SAME OLD SAME OLD. In a sense, they're really NOT CEO's because there are NO CEOs that would run a company like that!

Anonymous said...

CEO is too exalted. Most priests have been reduced to brainless functionaries who simply carry out the program imposed on them by the diocese.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm It appears to me the main concern of most parishes in this diocese is not the salvation of souls but how much revenue we receive in the collection basket! I hear more about campaigns to raise money then I hear about the sacraments,sin or anything remotely spiritual.Piety is discouraged instead of being encouraged. Oh yes present are your obligatory homilies (boring,mundane) where the "presider" attempts to explain the gospel, very rarely if ever are we challenged as Christians to live the life of the Gospel in a modern world.
Let's be honest when was the last time you heard a Priest explain Church teaching on a controversial subject? WHY??? Is it fear of offending the parishioner who does not agree with the teaching? The decision to avoid topics which may cause a parishioner to feel "UNCOMFORTABLE" is a political, calculated decision certainly not spiritual.
Yes I would say most Priests are more CEO then spiritual leaders.
Which brings me to the next question; What are they teaching in the seminaries? Are our future priests taught how to obtain holiness or are they being instructed to run a corporation? Is the former passe and more emphasis placed on monetarily sustaining a parish rather then instructing a priest on how to produce holy souls? Again I need to ask, when have you heard about prayer, fasting, sacrifice and/or the Sacrament of Reconciliation within the walls of your parish?
I have heard none of the above in mine!