Saturday, March 12, 2011

No TLM at the Shrine?

So what's the real deal as to why the TLM scheduled for the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in April was cancelled? I have some traddie friends who are sorely disappointed.

Protocol for obtaining Shrine's permission not followed? Thumbs down by the Archdiocese of Washington? Celebrant bowed out... why?


Anonymous said...

After the civil rights movement of the 60's, there were political leaders who still clang to the o'l Jim Crow laws and tried to surpress the rights of others. Well, this could be the case with some of the U.S. leaders who resent the fact that they have been stripped of their authority to surpress the TLM. If the TLM enthusiasts get loud enough, they'll cave, because to them, power matters a lot and they wouldn't want to risk losing what little power they have left. What was Holy fifty years ago remains Holy today.

Katie Beaumont said...

Not to change the topic; but what are U.S. Bishops doing regarding the assault on the working class by politicians? Should Republicans be given a free-pass to allow middle income workers to be stripped of collective bargaining in an economy that is already squeezing out the middle class? Just because the Republican Party pays lip service and throws an occasional bone to prolife causes, the U.S. bishops should still have enough zeal on economic justice and policy no matter how prolife the politicians assaulting the middle class are!