Monday, March 12, 2012

“In many ways things have reverted to the authoritarian, hierarchical, institutional model. Things are much more top-down,” he explained. “Everything seems to come from Rome. Bishops are appointed without much consultation with bishops of the region. There is a kind of emphasis on orthodoxy and fidelity and the magisterium and loyalty to the Holy Father that is the same as before the council.”

There has been a return to “rigidity” and an emphasis on “people measuring up to the church rather than the church ministering to people,” said Lombardi, who headed the Santa Rosa diocese’s clergy education office for 16 years. “At times I have seen good people suffer because of that rigidity.”

This quote comes from a fine article in the March 12th issue of the National Catholic Reporter:

Vatican II priests still embrace council's model despite reversals by Dan Morris-Young.

Take a look... I find this new "rigidity" in the Church very sad...

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